The list of exhibitors attending Wakefield 2017 currently includes the following companies and individuals. We’re still adding names, though – so watch this space for updates!


1Wakefield RISC OS Computer Club  12Archive Magazine
2Charity Stall  13Soft Rock Software
3Retro Software (Jason)  14Drag ‘n Drop
4RetroAcorn  15RISC OS Open Ltd
5Retro Software (Dave Moore)  16Steve Fryatt
6ABug  17CJE Micro’s and 4D
7Retro Hardware  18AMCOG Games
8Flax Cottage Educational Archive  19Chris Hall
9Daniel Jameson  20Sine Nomine
10R-Comp  21North One Communications
10R-Comp Interactive  22RISCOSbits
11Orpheus Internet / RISC OS Developments Ltd  23Ident Computer

The floorplan and stand numbers are provisional, and still subject to change.

If you would like attend the event as an exhibitor, then please contact us for more information or to book your place – spaces are available on a first-come, first-served basis.

Stand 6

Acorn and BBC Micro computer User Group and the Stardot High Score Challenge

Stand 18 (Show Theatre at 3.00pm)

Subject to testing, AMCOG Games will be releasing at least one new product at the Wakefield show. Several are currently being developed in parallel.

Our existing four titles: Mop Tops, Overlord, Legends of Magic and Xeroid, will also be available to try or buy. In addition we will be demonstrating our free RDSP sound module that brings an exciting new sound capability to RISC OS. RDSP makes playing samples or generating synthesised sounds easy in RISC OS via the SOUND and ENVELOPE commands.

Finally, we will also be selling AMCOG Games RISC OS themed mugs.

Archive Magazine
Stand 12

The new issue of the magazine (24:3) arrived on Archive members’ doormats just after Easter, as a preview of the Wakefield show.

Come along to the Archive stand for a chat with the editor, Jim Nagel – and with the founding editor, Paul Beverley, who will be at Wakefield again this year to meet and greet old friends.

We’ll be taking orders for Archive DVD23, which is being prepared. The disc holds the full contents of Archive from the first issue in 1987 up to the end of volume 23, all nicely indexed and cross-referenced.
If your hardware does not have a DVD drive, let us know so we can consider alternatives.
As usual, there is a special “upgrade” price for members who bought the previous edition (22) of the disc.

Charity Stall
Stand 2

Over the years, our charity stall has raised some £18,000 for good causes. At Wakefield 2017 we will again be selling donated goods primarily in aid of Wakefield Hospice


CJE Micro’s and 4D
Stand 17 (Show Theatre at 2.15pm)

4D and CJE Micro’s will be selling all things RISC OS related, including their Rapido-Ig and Rapido-Ti systems. Also available will be a brand new USB Graphics Tablet for RISC OS and a new version of PhotoDesk (v3.14-17) which is ARMx6 compatible.

Daniel Jameson
Stand 9

I’ll be displaying an SJ Research MDFS, running a small econet network, also running a number of Acornsoft 8-bit languages with a series of small programming challenges for those who wish to undertake them. I’ll also have a working Panos installation for anyone who wishes to experiment with the various languages available for the 32106 coprocessor.

Drag ‘n Drop
Stand 14

Drag ‘N Drop is a quarterly magazine in PDF format for RISC OS, mainly
for Raspberry Pi owners but relevant to all RISC OS users. At the stand today get issue 8i3 for the special price of £3.00 (usual price £3.50 or £4.50 with ‘typed in’ programs). Also we have limited stocks of The Back Issues Memory Stick (all 31 issues of Drag N Drop on a 4GB, USB memory stick), as well as THE BOOK OF DRAW STUFF, 55 BBC Micro Books CD-Rom, and the recently released 20TH CENTURY FONTS (with printed catalogue) – all at special show prices!

Flax Cottage Educational Archive
Stand 8

The educational archive is one of the largest private collections of educational and related software for the Acorn BBC Micro series of computers.

This year we shall be showing old favourites along with new acquisitions. All titles will be running on networked BBC machines.

In addition we shall be demonstrating the “ElectronPi” and an “Econet in a Box”.

Ident Computer
Stand 23

Showcasing new developments in the Acorn & RISC OS world, including the Micro One, a Raspberry Pi based RISC OS kit computer system. Available for purchase today at the show.

North One Communications
Stand 21

Organizer will be at the show with the latest version of the personal information manager for all RISC OS platforms, available as the programme alone
or loaded on to the RPCEmu emulator on a memory stick

Orpheus Internet / RISC OS Developments Ltd
Stand 11 (Show Theatre at 11.00am)

We some new services to talk to you about virtual private servers and our new servers that we will be installing during 2017. We will also be available to discuss any and all needs relating to providing broadband/internet access. Also our website and domain services. We now can provide/advise on remote service contracts, backup both locally and securely over the internet to our own servers. We look forward to chatting to you at the show and also offering our bowl of sweets for you to dip into as you pass.

Stand 10 (Show Theatre at 11.15am)

R-Comp will be demonstrating their range of RISC OS computer software, from internet products such as Messenger Pro and NetFetch 4, to backup with SafeStore and more. Expect a new version of DP Genealogy and a desktop wifi interface for use with PiFi all being well.

R-Comp Interactive
Stand 10

RCI is the place to visit if you’re looking for a new RISC OS computer. Whether it is the award-winning ARMX6, the powerful TiMachine, or the latest in our ever-popular RISCube/RISCBook series, we’ll do you proud.
Recent developments include the RISCBook Go!, Graphical Linux for TiMachine, TurboLAN network developments and disc partitioning for ARMX6, RAID storage (mirrored drives) and all much more. We also specialise in networking, NAS (network storage), not to mention UniPrint etc.

Retro Hardware
Stand 7

Retro Hardware
Dedicated to reproducing all the products designed and manufactured by Baildon Electronics and sold through P.R.E.S., ACP and ICS during the ‘80s and ‘90s.
Designing and manufacturing new products for Acorn computers.
Repairs to Acorn Computers – Specialising in the Acorn Electron.
Providing a source of some hard-to-get semiconductors for Acorn Computers.

Retro Software (Dave Moore)
Stand 5
Retro Software (Jason)
Stand 3

Jason will be demonstrating games that have been created in recent years for the BBC and Electron, including one or two still in development.  A rolling slide presentation will describe and show some of the technical wizardry required to push so many pixels smoothly across the screen on humble 8 bit hardware.  Playing the games on display is actively encouraged! Any questions, technical, anecdotal or otherwise are welcome.
In addition, Jason will be promoting an upcoming exhibition at the Cambridge Centre for Computing History.  The exhibition is called Acorn World and will run over the weekend of May 13-14th this year.  The exhibition covers the history of Acorn from inception to it’s demise and the legacy that lives on in companies like ARM.  Acorn World Exhibition - 13-14 May 2017 - Computing History

Stand 4

Experience the wonders of the Pre-Internet via dialup to a recreation of Prestel from 1985.

RISC OS Open Ltd
Stand 15 (Show Theatre at 12.00pm)

RISC OS Open will be on hand to answer any questions about their stewardship
of the OS, taking donations for the 3 recently opened development bounties,
and showing the latest draft User Guide. You’ll also be able to purchase:

  • The latest Desktop Development Environment (DDE27) tools
  • Memory cards for the Raspberry Pi
  • Emulator for Mac OS X, Linux, and Windows
  • Upgrade ROMs for older machines
  • Books from their ever expanding range
  • plus an announcement of epic proportions on the day of the show.

Stand 22

As a first-time Wakefield exhibitor, RISCOSbits’ stand will have a few of their goodies on display and to take away, including:

  • PiPOD – put a Pi in your Acorn for the best of both worlds
  • RiscPOD – carry your various iterations of multiple Acorn emulators on a range of portable hard drives
  • PiSSD! – an mSATA-based RISC OS computer in a very slick case
  • Absolute Zero – probably the smallest network-capable RISC OS computer in the world?

There will also be a chance to see the latest development of Wispy, a wireless internet “enabler” for RISC OS with a few bonus features to fill some of those internetty gaps that users of other OSes take for granted. It may even be available to take away!

There will also be one or two “aesthetic” items available to enhance your desktop in a familiar Acorn/RISC OS way.

Sine Nomine
Stand 20 (Show Theatre at 1.30pm)

We will have a new version of our award-winning map software RiscOSM with up-to-date map data, and a new version of Wrangler with two extra puzzles to exercise the brain. We will also have the latest versions of our popular database software Impact and its bulk emailing companion ImpEmail, plus SuperDoku for Sudoku puzzle fans.

Soft Rock Software
Stand 13

As well as the usual selection of software, including old games, Soft Rock Software will be showing off an early demonstration version of a new version of Escape from Exeria. The version available to play on the stand will feature new graphics, along with new level designs and challenges for the player.

Steve Fryatt
Stand 16
Wakefield RISC OS Computer Club
Stand 1

Come to the stand and join the club that runs the Wakefield Show. We have members all over the UK.

Pick up the latest edition of the newsletter CD at 10 ukp for non-members, or join the club and get the CD at the members’ rate of 7.50 ukp.

The popular networking guides will also be available to buy or order at the show.

Don’t forget the prize draw is also taking place on the club stand, with a Raspberry Pi 3 and case as first prize, and a Maplin gift card as second prize.

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