The list of exhibitors attending Wakefield 2018 currently includes the following companies and individuals. We’re still adding names, though – so watch this space for updates!


1Wakefield RISCOS Computer Club  13Soft Rock Software
2Charity Stall  14Drag n’ Drop
3Retro Acorn  15RISC OS Open
4Rob Coleman  16Steve Fryatt
5Daniel Jameson  17CJE Micro’s and 4D
6Retro Hardware  18AMCOG Games
7Flax Cottage Educational Archive  19Chris Hall
8MUG - Midland User Group  20Sine Nomine
9Impression X (Richard Keefe)  21North One Communications (Organizer)
10R-Comp / R- Comp Interactive  22RISCOSBits
11Orpheus Internet Services  23MW Software
12Archive Magazine    

The floorplan and stand numbers are provisional, and still subject to change.

If you would like attend the event as an exhibitor, then please contact us for more information or to book your place – spaces are available on a first-come, first-served basis.

Stand 18 (Show Theatre at 3.00pm)

Come along and check out our latest RISC OS game released at the Wakefield show. We currently have 8 titles available both individually and as a compilation, either on CD or USB.

Show prices start from as little as 3 pounds to more than 30 pounds for the compilation. In addition we have original music for sale. All code is included with a permissive license to enable re-use. We’re proud to use RISC OS to enable our rapid production of new software.

Archive Magazine
Stand 12

In case you haven’t seen the new issue of Archive yet, here’s a preview of the news pages – mostly about what you will see at Wakefield – and reports of previous shows:

On Saturday the editor Jim Nagel, and perhaps also the founding editor Paul Beverley, will be on hand to meet and greet Archive members old and new.

It will be a chance to make suggestions and to subscribe or renew. Archive being a membership magazine, you might also want to step forward to write an article or a hint&tip to help other members.

You can also register for DVD23, containing the entire contents of Archive magazine from the first issue in 1987 up to the end of volume 23, all thoroughly cross-referenced and indexed. The DVD is still in preparation (a few preparatory wheels that the late David Holden used to spin for previous editions are having to be reinvented).

Charity Stall
Stand 2

At Wakefield 2018 we will again be selling donated goods and accepting mobile phones in aid of Wakefield Hospice. Over the years we have raised more than £15,000 for the Hospice - £1,000 last year alone.

Chris Hall
Stand 19

I shall be bringing three computers: one is a 90mm x 55mm x 50mm with an OLED display running SatNav, possibly connected to a monitor. Designed to fit into a pocket (to log a journey) or to act as a speedometer (it has magnetic feet), the 4400mAh battery should last more than 12 hours (with no HDMI active) but an external power bank or mains adapter can be plugged in to extend life/recharge without affecting operation. It has push button software-controlled power switching (so that you cannot remove power whilst it is writing to the SD card) and is based on a Pi Zero.

A slightly larger unit includes a power meter and a PaPiRus display.

An ARMX6 (home built) will also be there to demonstrate FamTree, my new family tree generator (reviewed in Archive 24:4). FamTree will be on sale at the show on CD-ROM or USB stick. It is also available via !Store.

CJE Micro’s and 4D
Stand 17 (Show Theatre at 2.15pm)

This will be the first Wakefield Exhibition appearance of our RaspberryRO Lite system and also the innovative USB-to-Quadrature mouse adaptor, the SmallyMouse2!

The RaspberryRO Lite is a small, neat, Raspberry Pi 3 RISC OS system and includes a real time clock, power button with soft power-off and boasts 8GB mSATA storage (upgradeable up to 240GB), all in a compact desktop case just 108x108x45mm.

The SmallyMouse2 is a USB to Quadrature mouse adaptor which allows you to connect most modern USB mice (including wireless mice) to any Acorn computer (except the A7000/+) or even to a BBC Micro! The SmallyMouse2 is an open source design by Simon Inns.

A selection of models from our RapidO range will be available. The latest and best RISC OS systems money can buy!

Daniel Jameson
Stand 5

Demonstrating solid state floppy and hard drive replacement options, as well as showcasing progress that has been made on preservation of the Domesday Project (courtesy of Domesday86.com)

Drag n’ Drop
Stand 14

Drag N Drop vol 9 issue 3 will be out at the show. Browse the latest issue and buy your copy at a specially reduced price. Drag N Drop publications and CDs will also be on offer at a bargain price at £10.00 each. Card payments now taken as well !

Flax Cottage Educational Archive
Stand 7

The Flax Cottage Educational Archive is a non-profit making organisation dedicated to collecting and preserving 8-bit educational software for the BBC micro family of computers. Thousands of educational titles were produced in their day yet very few have survived.

The show stand will demonstrate some of the newer acquisitions on original equipment to give a flavour of computer assisted learning in the 1980s. There will also be a demonstration of some of these titles running on a Raspberry Pi.

Any donations of educational software will be gratefully received and treasured.

Impression X (Richard Keefe)
Stand 9
MUG - Midland User Group
Stand 8

MUG will be demonstrating a number of programming languages on our stand including !Python, !Scratch and !Squeak as well as demonstrating how a Maplins USB robot can be used as a teaching aid to show basic programming techniques running programmes developed by Owl-Art Un-Ltd and Rick Murray.

There will be other items available to play with including a number of emulation programmes running both legacy RISC OS , Windows 3.1 and 95 as well as Atari TOS.

MW Software
Stand 23

MW Software will demonstrate and sell ArtWorks 2.X3, the latest release of the platform’s most powerful graphics illustration package, the EasiWriter/TechWriter family of structured word processors and the PostScript 3 printer driver.

North One Communications (Organizer)
Stand 21

We will have the latest version of Organizer, v2.28, available as a download and installed with the RPCEmu emulator on a USB memory stick for use on a PC.

Orpheus Internet Services
Stand 11

Orpheus will be promoting its internet services. The provision of quality high speed internet access on both ADSL and Fibre services. We can provide a complete end to end service for all types of customers. Our experience in the field enables us to make the set up of these things very easy if you have no knowledge or a lot.

We also provide tailored Cloud Services, remote backup and remote support for most operating systems. All our cloud services are hosted in the UK and we will be ready with GDPR compliance for the 25th May this year.

Come and see us at the show to discuss your current services and new projects we can assist you with.

R-Comp / R- Comp Interactive
Stand 10 (Show Theatre at 11.15am)

R-Comp will have its usual broad range of software products, with a number of new releases either available at the show, or being demonstrated (the clock is ticking!)...

Messenger Pro 8 will be available offering a range of new features, with an emphasis on SSL and security. v8 provides support for SSL-based services such as gmail and other ISPs both in the UK and abroad “out of the box”. Existing users will see improvements to composing and replying to emails, handling of HTML emails (with specific new features for VirtualAcorn/UniPrint users), multiple-SMTP server features, long URL handling and more.

NetFetch 5 was released in October last year, but has seen a series of updates since then focusing on further refining its new features (5.05 has just been released). Again, NF5 focussed and security and handling of email to ensure that your messages are sent and received in the best possible way. This ensures compatibility with various anti-spam standards to ensure your emails arrive correctly and are not flagged as spam by over-aggressive ISPs!

We are also working on SafeStore 3 (which may well be available in beta form), and a brand new edition of our PiFi product which makes WiFi access on RISC OS as simple/pleasant as it is on other platforms!

R-Comp Interactive will be showing its recent games releases - Doom Trilogy (with newly updated, ARMv7-safe Wolfenstein 3D), and Quake (the first major VFP-accelerated title for RISC OS, for 2-3x performance improvement!). However, of more interest to many folks will be a little box with an impressive spec (inc SATA) and an affordable price tag... (complete with ARM CPU)...

ARMX6 and TiMachines continue to be the headline pure-ARM RISC OS solutions, each offering a unique blend of price, performance and capabilities. Recent developments include enhanced OS releases for ARMX6 and support for high resolutions and/or multi-montor on TiMachine. We’re hoping to further update this in time for the show.

You’ll also be able to see our newly updated range of RISCube and RISCBook systems (inc RISCBook Go), which despite not having the high profile of our pure-ARM machines, remain best sellers, giving broad compatibility combined with killer features such as true mobility, m.2 NVME storage, flexible form factors and more. Why not ask for more info?

Retro Acorn
Stand 3
Retro Hardware
Stand 6

Retro Hardware - Repair and refurbishment of all Acorn products - Specialising in the Electron plus all its accessories. Design and manufacture of new Electron/Acorn accessories.

Stand 15 (Show Theatre at 12.00pm)

ROOL will be arriving at Wakefield with our usual extensive range of goodies, along with exciting news about the very latest progress on the next stable release of RISC OS (5.24), our community-supported User Guide update and a number of other updates.

Stand 22

RISCOSbits will, along with an absentee partner, be making the case for the Raspberry Pi and Wispy as the main attraction on their stand at the Show. Come along for a slice of the action!

In addition to this, there will be the usual array of alternative hardware for RISC OS, including the PiSSDup, Pi-Llok Ace enclosures and BURP rugged enclosures. The popular PiPOD and the smallest network-capable RISC OS computer in the world, the Absolute Zero will be available, as will a range of pre-built ROKits with pre-installed mSATA SSDs - ready to go. A small selection of other machines and spares will be available on the day at special Show prices.

There will be a range of new skins for the Pi Zero, as well as bargain prices on the original skins - mere pocket money amounts! Prettify your Pi on the day!

Rob Coleman
Stand 4

I’ll be demonstrating VideoNuLA (my enhanced graphics card for the BBC Micro) and SpectROM, a ZX Spectrum emulator for the Beeb.

Sine Nomine
Stand 20 (Show Theatre at 1.30pm)

We will be showing the latest version of RiscOSM, complete with contour data for much of Europe. Recent releases have added the ability to calculate a gradient profile for routes drawn on the maps, and there may be a few other new features ready by the time of the show.

As usual, we will also have Impact (the easy-to-use database system) available, as well as ImpEmail for mail-merged emails, which can be used in conjunction with Impact or independently. If you want to keep your brain active, SuperDoku, Wrangler and House of Cards provide a wide variety of mathematical puzzles and card games.

If you have any suggestions for development of the software, or want to know how to use the applications more effectively, do come and see us on the stand.

Soft Rock Software
Stand 13

Soft Rock Software will be running a selection of the company’s budget games of old, as well as a new work in progress version of Escape from Exeria. Vince Hudd will also be able to demonstrate and discuss any of Soft Rock Software’s other products, such as WebChange, and sell you the Soft Rock Software Collection on CD or USB flash drive.

Steve Fryatt
Stand 16
Wakefield RISCOS Computer Club
Stand 1

Come to the stand and join the club that runs the Wakefield Show. We have members all over the UK, and the first year of membership is half price at 7.50 ukp.

Pick up the latest edition of the newsletter CD at 10 ukp for non-members, or join the club and get the CD at the members’ rate of 7.50 ukp.

Don’t forget the prize draw is also taking place on the club stand, with the latest Raspberry Pi 3+ and Ident CE case as first prize, and an Amazon gift card as second prize.

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