The list of exhibitors attending Wakefield 2022 currently includes the following companies and individuals. We’re still adding names, though – so watch this space for updates!


1Wakefield RISCOS Computer Club  2Archive Magazine
3RISCOSbits  4North One Communications (Organizer)
6Midland User Group  7Retro Hardware (Baildon Electronics)
8Flax Cottage Educational Archive  9North West Computer Museum (Stephen Barriball)
10CJE Micro's / 4D  11AMCOG Games
12Soft Rock Software  13Drag 'N Drop
14Sine Nomine Software  16RISC OS Open Ltd
17Chris Hall  18Charity Stall
19Orpheus Internet Services Ltd / Gensys  20RISC OS Developments Ltd
21R-Comp / R-Comp Interactive    

The floorplan and stand numbers are provisional, and still subject to change.

If you would like attend the event as an exhibitor, then please contact us for more information or to book your place – spaces are available on a first-come, first-served basis.

Stand 11

AMCOG Games produce new and exciting games for RISC OS. Including arcade style puzzle games, shoot-em ups, first person space games, platformers, car games and many more. For Wakefield 2022 we are releasing our first 3D platform game combining vector graphics and sprites. Featuring original music made using classic 1980s synthesisers and with sound effects made using our own custom virtual sound chip: RDSP. Come along to check our stand out. Games are sold on both CD and USB in durable plastic cases.

Archive Magazine
Stand 2

Archive is the magazine for RISC OS users, published since 1987. Each issue features a range of articles from Archive's writers, as well as news from across the RISC OS scene. Come by the stand to see the latest issue, available as part of a print or digital subscription, or to purchase on its own. We will also be selling a bundle of the complete volume 25 (including the latest issue!) at a very special show price.

Charity Stall
Stand 18

Over the years, our charity stall has raised £26,000 for good causes. At Wakefield 2022 we will again be selling donated goods in aid of Wakefield Hospice. See the Charity page for information on what items we can accept.

Chris Hall
Stand 17

On sale will be circuit boards with full instructions to allow you to build your own GPS unit, a printed Impression User manual, as featured in Archive 25:6. Also a printed guide to Equasor, TableMate, WordWorks and SepEd2. On display will be a GPS speedometer and a 4te computer with a switch to allow dual booting.

CJE Micro's / 4D
Stand 10 (Show Theatre at 3.00pm)

CJE & 4D will have a selection of models from our RapidO range will be available

We will also have the RaspberryRO 4 and our usual large range of spares and accessories for all things Acorn and Raspberry Pi. We only have limited room in the car though, so if you wish to order anything specific please give us a call before mid-day Thursday 19th May to make sure we leave room. Thanks to those who have already pre-ordered items for us to bring.

Unused old Acorn kit wanted! If you have any unused BBC or Acorn kit we'd love to find it a new home if you wanted to bring it along! more info www.cjemicros.co.uk/wanted

Drag 'N Drop
Stand 13
Flax Cottage Educational Archive
Stand 8

As in previous years we shall be demonstrating some of the archived software from the BBC Educational Software Archive at www.flaxcottage.com . Several of our newer acquisitions will be available to try out as well as old favourites.

There will also be a Raspberry Pi system set up to run BBC micro educational software natively, that is without using a BBC emulator. The Pi will attempt to simulate the Econet system used in Hartland School, Worksop during the 1980s.

We shall also demonstrate some of the BBC micro related projects from the Archive.

Midland User Group
Stand 6
North One Communications (Organizer)
Stand 4
North West Computer Museum (Stephen Barriball)
Stand 9

The Northwest Computer Museum will bring old and new technology to the community. We will have a full computer museum with usable exhibits from the 1970s to date and workshops to help train people from young to the old in the usage of retro computers, different programming languages and programming of electronic boards such as Arduino/Raspberry PI Boards to design electronic projects. Also we will help and supply the tools to use the internet more safely.

From the understanding of old computers from the 70s to date, people will be able to use and learn how to program and use. This will give communities the understanding of computing from the past to date and the use of future technology, like the Microsoft Hololens.

Importantly, the museum will be an interactive museum and always developing. As technology grows and changes, so will the museum.
Just a brief outline what we are doing, in the workshops/educational suite are:-

  • Computer & Internet Museum with a wide range of Exhibits and information
  • Teach new skills to a wide range of individuals such as ex-armed forces personnel, older people, mums with young children
  • Help the younger generation to learn about older technology and link that with the newer technology such as virtual reality and encourage them to have an interest in the technological future
  • Teaching skills such as programming to give practical skills applicable in a modern digital workplace
  • Encouraging groups currently not proportionally represented in the technology sector such as females to have a passion for technology
  • Bringing together those recruiting with those looking for work
  • Help community-based projects such as schools in deprived areas by donating recondition computers, that have been recondition by an unemployed person we have taught the relevant skills to.
  • In the future, to offer City & Guilds Courses to allow people to gain qualifications in the IT field
  • Clubs for Retro Computing i.e. BBC, Commodore Amiga etc.

Programming/coding in both old technology and the latest languages. Electronics, working with Raspberry Pi/Arduino and basic electronics circuits. Building your own computer using old processors i.e. 6502. Soldering correctly and safely and so on...

Working with VR, Virtual reality is a fully digital, computer-generated, three-dimensional experiential environment. Unlike traditional user interfaces that only allow users to view a screen, VR allows the user to step inside an experience, to be immersed in and interact with a 3D world that can either simulate or differ completely from the real world. We will be working and introducing people to both types of VR and learning how to create applications in the different formats.

Orpheus Internet Services Ltd / Gensys
Stand 19
R-Comp / R-Comp Interactive
Stand 21 (Show Theatre at 2.15pm)
Retro Hardware (Baildon Electronics)
Stand 7

Retro Hardware (Baildon Electronics) - Accessories and applications for Acorn Computers - BBC (all variants), Electron and Master series. Archimedes IDE interfaces (work in progress!).

RISC OS Developments Ltd
Stand 20 (Show Theatre at 12.00pm)
RISC OS Open Ltd
Stand 16 (Show Theatre at 11.15am)

We will be showing the latest bits of development in and around RISC OS, along will all of our usual range of RISC OS Open merchandise.

RISCOSbits will be demonstrating not one, but definitely two, and maybe even three(!) new RISC OS systems this year. All based around Raspberry Pi technology, the new machines will suit all budgets and use-cases. Hopefully, two of the new systems will be available to buy on the day. There will also be a number of FOURtress machines available to buy. RISCOSbits will also be showing off the new Wispy X wireless device for those RISC OS systems unable to host a WiFi HAT. At twice the speed (at least) of the Wispy V, this brings RISC OS into the realm of faster wireless networking, and is a noticeable improvement over some other offers.

They will also have stocks of their EDOS RISC OS to Linux USB kits, the WiFi HAT Carrier for the Pi400, and can bring special versions of the EDOS400 Pi400 RISC OS and Linux systems to the show by arrangement. And for the first time, at a show anyway, RISCOSbits will be showing off their BUTTs! BUTTs are add-on kits for existing systems, and there will be opportunity to buy a USB BUTT and BIG BUTT for the FOURtress, and a HED BUTT (HAT Expansion and Drive) for one of the new systems. Plus much, much more!

Whether an old customer or a new one, pop along to see what we've got, or have a chat about some of the very exciting things we have in progress!

Sine Nomine Software
Stand 14 (Show Theatre at 1.30pm)

Developers of the map application, RiscOSM, and the Impact database system. Come and see the enhancements we are working on, including mail-merged attachment support for ImpEmail.

Soft Rock Software
Stand 12

Vince Hudd will be demonstrating and discussing the various products available through Soft Rock Software, from utilities and applications such as WaitUntil and WebChange (just don't ask about a manual), the RiscPiC cases for the Raspberry Pi, the budget games released in the early to mid-1990s, and of course the updated version of the oldest of these, Escape from Exeria.

On sale will be the remaining stocks of RiscPiC cases, as well as the Soft Rock Software Collection on CD and USB flash drive - and hopefully (if the stock arrives in time) the updated Escape from Exeria will be available to buy on CD.

Wakefield RISCOS Computer Club
Stand 1

Come to the stand and join the club that runs the Wakefield Show. We have members all over the UK and abroad. Membership is half price at £5.00 in the first year.

Pick up a download voucher for the latest edition of the PDF newsletter back catalogue compilation at £7.50 for non-members, or join the club and get it at the members' rate of £5.00.

Don't forget the prize draw is also taking place on the club stand, with no less than SEVEN prizes to be won! The main prize is a brand new RISCOSbits PiRO Noir 2128 computer. ROOL are offering a Pi400 computer, whilst WROCC are offering a voucher worth up to £50 that can used at various suppliers at the show or within 30 days – T&Cs apply. Archive Magazine are offering a year's subscription or a one year extension for existing subscribers. AMCOG Games are offering 'The Puzzle Collection' on USB stick. Dave Hitchins is offering the 'Advanced BASIC Editor and Toolkit' package (ABE) for the BBC Micro, Master 128 or Electron. Finally, Sendiri is offering a £50 voucher for software from his new website shop.

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