The list of exhibitors attending Wakefield 2024 currently includes the following companies and individuals. We’re still adding names, though – so watch this space for updates!

AMCOG Games  Archive magazine
Charity Stall  Chris Hall
Drag 'N Drop  Elesar Ltd
North One Communications (Organizer)  Orpheus Internet Services Ltd
R-Comp  R-Comp Interactive
Retro Hardware (David Hitchins)  RISC OS Developments Ltd
RISC OS Open Ltd  RISCOSbits
Sine Nomine Software  Soft Rock Software
Steve Fryatt  Wakefield RISC OS Computer Club

If you would like attend the event as an exhibitor, then please contact us for more information or to book your place – spaces are available on a first-come, first-served basis.

Light Gate, is our new title that we be releasing at the Wakefield show. It features retro style mini games, cut scenes, RPG features and different modes of play including 3D. The game previously had the working title Escape to the Light and you can see a development vlog on YouTube via our channel @AmcogG . Inspiration comes from Tron, Undertale, Little Nightmares and a 1960s reel of tape bought at a charity shop that sounds like it is haunted. A new episode is coming soon covering design and code for the RISC OS release of Light Gate. We hope you can come and see us there!

Archive magazine

Archive is the bimonthly printed magazine for RISC OS users, published since 1987. Each issue is packed with RISC OS articles, news, interviews, and tutorials from across the community. You'll be surprised just how much is in each issue!

Archive Magazine Vol. 27 No. 2 will be launched on the day of the show - subscribers can collect their copy from the stand, and new subscribers are very welcome.

Over the years, our charity stall has raised £28,000 for good causes. At Wakefield 2024 we will again be selling donated goods in aid of Wakefield Hospice. See the Charity page for information on what items we can accept.

I will be bringing my Pinebook Pro, with SatNav and RiscOSM and various small footprint NVMe-fitted machines showing Linux dual boot, some with an antenna. Hopefully WiFi will by then be under Beta test.

Also I will be selling Impression User Manual (with free Impression Publisher Plus) - a bargain at £25 for 370 pages in full colour.

Drag 'N Drop

Drag 'N Drop is a quarterly magazine in PDF format for all users of RISC OS, featuring news, reviews, type-in listings, programming tutorials and more. The Spring 2024 edition of the magazine will be on sale at the Wakefield show for immediate loading to your own USB drive or it can be emailed. Among the packed contents is useful app for converting Impression Style files to HTML which can also handle images. Full program listing and commentary.

Try and buy a RISC OS graphics tablet, purchase the enlarged “80+ BBC Micro and Electron Books (No Scans)”, Drag 'N Drop programming books and more, all at special show offers.

Elesar Ltd

Spanning the range from a BBC Micro inspired USB mechanical keyboard, though Econet interfaces for your RiscPC, to their top of the range Cortex-A15 based Titanium desktop computer, Elesar will be on hand with all their RISC OS hardware and software products.

North One Communications (Organizer)

Organizer, the personal information manager for all RISC OS platforms, will be at the show with the latest version, v2.30, for new sales and upgrades, and to answer technical queries.

Orpheus Internet Services Ltd

Orpheus/GeneSys is pleased to announce that we have started to provide VoIP (Voice over IP) telephone services. This is in direct response to the analogue switch off which BT has commenced this year to finish in 2025. Details of the service are on the website and we are happy to discuss the services over the phone if you want to contact us the details are below. We look forward to seeing everyone at this years Wakefield show. We will have all our usual services internet, email, domain hosting as usual.

R-Comp will be showing their latest software releases including updates to
NetFetch and a major new edition of their Genealogy software with many new
chart types, a revised user interface and dozens of new features. Come
and see for a surprise or two!

R-Comp Interactive have been very busy this year. We're working on
updates to UniPrint, and will have a new edition of our classic game -
Heretic, to join the earlier release of Hexen. That's on top of our
“Project N.Ex.T” NVMe technology for Pi and Pinebook Pro - come and see
our super fast, NVMe-powered computers which come in all shapes and sizes
to fit your budget and pocket - finally we have true successors to the our
popular iMX6 computers. Alongside NVMe, we'll also be showing the
Pinebook Pro laptops running on Wifi on RISC OS - now available for
customers to test and use.

Retro Hardware (David Hitchins)

Introducing, and on sale at the show, a full replacement for the Acorn Electron Plus 1 - The New Plus 1 - all the features of the original with a few extras!

Also available will be the ARCIN32 (formally known as Blitz) an IDE Interface for the RiscPC, A7000 and A7000+, and Cross 32 the Universal Cross Assembler for the Acorn Archimedes.

For the BBC, BBC+, Master, Master Compact and Electron:
ABE - Advanced BASIC Editor, ABR - Advanced Battery-backed RAM, ARA II - Advanced ROM Adaptor, ARA III - Just RAM, ARA III - Programmable ROM, ATI - Advanced Tube Interface and AP5 - Multi interface adaptor).

RISC OS Developments Ltd

Come and see us on the stand for Iris and the new Wi-Fi working on RISC OS computers. We will have all the usual items for you as well.

RISC OS Open Ltd

RISC OS Open will be coming along to show the community all of the latest progress on areas like Wi-Fi, filing systems, software development, and ROOL merchandise.

RISCOSbits will be bringing along a range of RISC OS systems to try and buy, including the FAST machines - probably still the fastest RISC OS computers ever.

There will be a selection of compact and bijou NVMe systems available to buy on the day, including the premium-specced but budget-priced VENOM, the miniscule powerhouse that is the PiRO Qube, and the multi-headed mythical monster that is Chimera - running RISC OS and Linux simultaneously on one behemoth. All of our NVMe machines contain eMMC devices for robustness and speed. SD cards are banished to history in all these beasts.

Talking of robustness, the rugged ROBUST will be present, using traditional SSD storage to bolster it's fast eMMC drive.

In addition to systems to buy on the day, there will be a range of cases and accessories for all RISC OS users to take advantage of, including docks, HATs and enhancements. And some bargain stock at prices to clear.

Sine Nomine Software

Sine Nomine Software support and develop the map application, RiscOSM,and the Impact database system. Come and see the enhancements we are working on, including improved street name rendering. We would also be happy to talk to anyone exploring application writing in Python.

Soft Rock Software

Soft Rock Software will be demonstrating the latest work in progress on a new game; a sequel to Drop Rock, originally released three decades ago, and - provided the wind is blowing in the right direction - perhaps even the very early beginnings of a sequel to Escape from Exeria.

Escape from Exeria, an update to another old game from Soft Rock Software, will itself be available to purchase on CD at the show, as will the Soft Rock Software Collection (on CD or USB flash drive).

The last remaining RiscPiC-mini cases for the Raspberry Pi will also be available - at a price well below cost - and are likely to be withdrawn from sale at the end of this year, so the Wakefield Show may be one of your last chances to get one!

Wakefield RISC OS Computer Club

Come to the stand and join the club that runs the Wakefield Show. We have members all over the UK and abroad. Membership is now just £7.50 per annum.

Pick up a download voucher for the latest edition of the PDF newsletter back catalogue compilation at £7.50 for non-members, or join the club and get it at the members' rate of £5.00.

Don't forget the prize draw is also taking place on the club stand - details of prizes to be won will follow nearer the time.