The list of exhibitors attending Wakefield 2022 currently includes the following companies and individuals. We’re still adding names, though – so watch this space for updates!


4Retro Acorn (Stephen Barriball)  6Retro Hardware (Dave Hitchins)
7Flax Cottage Educational Archive  9Soft Rock Software
17AMCOG Games  19Sine Nomine Software
20RISCOSbits  22Chris Hall

The floorplan and stand numbers are provisional, and still subject to change.

If you would like attend the event as an exhibitor, then please contact us for more information or to book your place – spaces are available on a first-come, first-served basis.

Stand 17
Chris Hall
Stand 22
Flax Cottage Educational Archive
Stand 7
Retro Acorn (Stephen Barriball)
Stand 4
Retro Hardware (Dave Hitchins)
Stand 6
Stand 20
Sine Nomine Software
Stand 19
Soft Rock Software
Stand 9
Stand 4 Stand 6 Stand 7 Stand 9 Stand 17 Stand 19 Stand 20 Stand 22