The list of participants in Wakefield 2021 currently includes the following companies and individuals. We’re still adding names, though – so watch this space for updates!

AMCOG Games  CJE Micro's
Cloverleaf Project  Elesar
R-Comp  RISC OS Developments
Sine Nomine Software  Soft Rock Software

If you would like to make a presentation at the event, then please contact us for more information or to book your place – slots are available on a first-come, first-served basis.

AMCOG Games will be showcasing our brand new title 'Spy Mission: The Ice Caves of Dr. Atom' which will be available to buy at the PlingStore on the day of the show. The WROCC show talk will also cover RDSP and Development Kit updates as well as a quick look at all 16 games released over the last 6 years.

CJE Micro's

Trading and Brexit update, recent, new and future products for BBC, A5000/RiscPC and RISC OS 5 systems.

Cloverleaf Project

Stefan from the Cloverleaf RISC OS Project will speak about the new Kickstarter 2 and the adopted offers. Funders will have more detailed choices to decide what they want to support specifically.

There are software options like a new programming IDE CodeCube and a new photo editing program ArtCube and more messenger clients for ChatCube like IRC or Signal. A !ChatCube mobile app for Android and iPhone is also on the choices list. There will be also two Cloverleaf RISC OS distributions that will include in the Plus version Fireworkz Pro and PDFmaker.

About OS improvements there is an offer of a 3D GPU support based on the open source project Panfrost for the ARM Mali GPU that can be found in the RK3399 SoC.

We promote also the exciting open source project from Paolo Zaino for an enhanced Desktop system.

About the hardware side of the project there a Cloverleaf Kitten based on the Raspberry Pi 4 for RISC OS beginners, the Puma RK3399 desktop PC and the RK3399 14” Laptop based on the PinePro.

The Kitten will be available directly. The RK3399 systems are still in development.

The Kickstarter will be released before the WROCC show.

Elesar will be taking you on a tour of the flagship TextEase Studio applications, including some hot-off-the-press news. In addition we'll be taking a look at hardware solutions from addons that can be fitted at home to complete systems.

R-Comp/RCI will be talking about various software and hardware products, from Fireworkz, to LockScreen to 4te to RISCubes and some surprises, and special offers to those who attend/stay awake!

RISC OS Developments

RISC OS Developments will be talking about and demonstrating the Iris web browser project, new TCP/IP stack, Pinboard 2 and various other projects.


ROOL's various achievements and new releases for you to try, launching exciting new bounties, and explaining a bit more about the mid-term roadmap for RISC OS 5

RISCOSbits will be showing off their range of cases and accessories for RISC OS machines, especially the Raspberry Pi.

They will also be showing off their new 'entry level' RISC OS system, PiAno, hosting a Pi 4 with added storage, encased in a matte effect black and white case with inbuilt cooling and extra storage.

They may also preview developments in their dual boot OS, allowing RISC OS and Linux to co-exist using only a software reboot, as well as their 'fruit-like' ITX solutions for the stylish desktop look.

Sine Nomine Software

Matthew Phillips will be demonstrating the forthcoming RiscOSM version 2.00 and will give an update on other software developments since the London Show.

Soft Rock Software

Vince Hudd is hoping to release an updated version of first game he released through Soft Rock Software. Hear about the origins of the game Escape from Exeria, and perhaps even see a demonstration of the new version